Hesed Update!

7 May


Since I have far exceeded my self imposed deadline for completing the hesed word study, I have decided to simply post the study piece by piece, one section at a time as it is finished and until the whole article has been properly “blogged.”  Otherwise it may never get done.  I never knew I would have so much to write about on one single word!

pc300192A brief side note…  Most everyone of my studies seem to take for ever… there always seem to be a thousand different rabbit trails to chase down and I get easily distracted.  Why?  Because the Bible is so good!  You can pick it up an just start reading anywhere!  And then there are my commentaries and dictionaries not to mention other people’s websites… Aghh!  No wonder it is so hard to finish!  (Currently I have between 7-10 word studies that I am working on as well and hope to complete before the summer ends.)  Thus as you some may have noticed by now, many of my daily posts never even get edited completely… just enough to look nice and get the main points across.  Each of my more ‘formal’ and yet to be published studies are anywhere between 5-15 pages in length (and typed in Microsoft Word).  Thank you to all those that have been so patient in waiting.  I am well aware of the frustration of having to wait for something on the web that you wish to see, only to find it is still unavailable, day after day.  Hang in there andvisit often!  Lord willing, I’ll be done real soon.

Sincerely,                                                                                                John Mark Butzu



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