Obama: A Special and Truly Remarkable Guest

15 May

A few weeks ago I was going out to our barn (at the youth facility where I work/live) and to my surprise there sat none other than Obama himself on our front porch.   He literally scared the daylights out of me!  It was just after midnight when seemingly out of the blue I noticed something moving in the shadows.  My first thought was that it was a skunk, as all I could see is pair of eyes and a mixture of black and white fur.  Talk about creepy! There were no lights or fanfare, just Obama himself and boy was he hungry!  With one of my hands finagling the keys in the door while the other was holding my guitar, I somehow managed to steady my nerves asking him if he would please come inside.  As I unlocked the door, I was taken back as how I observed Obama pushing his way right in ahead of me, eagerly licking his lips in anticipation of some fine gourmet meal (at my expense no doubt) after a long hard day of being on his campaign trail.  Much to my surprise not only did he eat everything I gave him but he even licked the bowl!  Talk about manners!  But that’s not all.  After eating he began making promises to me (in ways that only he can) about how if I would support him and watch out for his general welfare that he would bring hope and change into my life in ways that I could never imagine; bringing an end to all terrorism, despair and outright theft that takes place in my home on a nightly basis because of a mice problem that we had been having for some time now.  After much debate and against my better judgment (not to mention his adamant persistence and insistence,) I decided that I would allow him to spend the night.  What was particularly disturbing to me was how after he had finished his food he would pace back and forth while watching my every move.  He told me that this was normal and that I should stop worrying about it.

On the exterior I found that Obama is indeed quite a handsome character, well groomed and with no outward sign of showing any dirt or fleas, as one might expect from someone in his position.  That night at about 3 am I awoke from my sleep to find him still pacing near the foot of my bed: soft guttural and affectionate noises were coming from his belly in sync to the rhythm of his body.   To make a long story short, the next day I told him that if he was to stay another night that he unfortunately be limited to the great outdoors or the barn as I couldn’t take another night of this!

At first the director of the youth ranch adamantly refused to keep such a thug as it would only be a source of contention and confusion for the animals we already have (3 dogs, 2 horses and 2 miniature donkeys) on our property.  After much intense deliberation and discussion from all those that were living with us during that time, we finally convinced her to let us keep the animal.  Obama himself seemed quite eager and able to talk about all the great things he would willingly contribute to our farm, and so it has been decided to let him stay indefinitely and was place under my loving care.  He has been given the affectionate title of “Obama the mice catcher” and we hope he will live up to his name!

That is all for now.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Here are a picture I have taken with me and Obama.  Notice that his fur is both black and white – a truly adorable and handsome specimen if ever I have seen one!



One Response to “Obama: A Special and Truly Remarkable Guest”

  1. jbutzu July 25, 2016 at 2:45 pm #

    Im sorry… I was a young Christian and you are right… It was more about the cat… no harm inteneded… I will take the article down… Thank you

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