For Those who Care…

21 May

This is just a quick post for those that care, bringing attention to a change that I would like to make on this blog.  The cost to edit the CSS (html code) for this and other templates hosted by word press is $15.00 dollars for one year.  (This is relatively inexpensive compared to other web companies, many of whom charge much more than this for a single month bandwidth usage.)  If you would like a preview of what this site would look like with the upgrade click here. I think it has a much nicer feel to the layout (three columns, instead of two) with a light colored, cleaner look to posts, as well as a larger space to view them in.  This would especially be beneficial to view the charts and graphs I thinks well.  If anyone would like to pay for the purchase of this CSS template I would be more than happy to mention your name with a warm “thank you” somewhere on this blog, though your real reward I’m sure is already waiting for you in heaven.  Thanks in advance for all your kindness and attention to detail!


P.S  If no one responds to this post, then I will just assume that everyone likes the site the way it is… and thus it will stay this way… at least for now.

P.S.S. If you wish you can participate in a poll about this topic (below). It will help me decide what action (if any) to take in the future.

Thanks again,


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