Let Him Be Accursed

7 Jun

In the first chapter of Galatians paul writes: “If anyone preaches to you another gospel other than what you have received… let him be accursed.”
Strong language coming from a man who wrote to the Corinthians if I have not love I am nothing (1st Corinthians 13).  What can we make of such promises.
Was this man a hypocrite?  Obviously not!  God would have destroyed his testimony and chose someone else to write the majority of the letters of our New Covenant (Testament).
Paul knew something about spirit – which is what we are – spiritual people – (Spiritual Jews to be precise).

He was just stating the obvious – if something doesn’t sound right – it probably isn’t.
Check your spirit my friends – for many false apostles have gone out into the world professing to be in love with Jesus while blatantly denying his name.
I think of these so called televangelists promising money to all who give them money – what kind of Jesus is that? That’s not the same Jesus that said to remember the poor always and love them – not take their money and dreams.  We are to help people less fortunate – yes! – But never to deny his name.

Your friend in the faith,


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