When Others Attack

20 Jun

You know you are on the right path when others try stop what you are doing for Jesus.  They may say harmful things or even accuse you of wrongdoing… either way Jesus commands you to celebrate!  (Luke 6:23)  I have been accused many times falsely – sometimes by people even at church.  In the end, if you are faithful, God promises that all will work out to your advantage.  Chow!


One Response to “When Others Attack”

  1. jbutzu August 26, 2012 at 10:36 pm #

    It is funny – this just happened again to me today – I sincere yet immature believer accused me of wrongdoing – in fact he accused me of not being saved! It took all my strength not to fight back in my flesh – as it happens he was my younger brother who is very new in Jesus. I cannot go into the details, but rest assured I believe the Holy Spirit allowed me to feel just a part of how our Christ felt when his own family rejected him and begged him to come back (in other words… to stop ministering) (see John 7:5). I feel happy to share in Christ’s suffering but the pain is so intense at times and the loneliness in something truly undesirable, Yet I am confident in this one thing – Jesus alone will be glorified in and through my life – the flesh profits nothing 🙂

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