Psalms 83:16 Fill Their Faces With Shame!

26 Aug

I was reading this passage of scripture before church today as the worship leaders were warming up.  I was in another room praying for the service when the Holy Spirit graciously allowed my eyes to fall upon this passage.  Let me share with you what I found!  It may be short but I believe may bless your heart and increase your desire and method of praying for the lost – especially those who are living in a perpetual state of rebellion against what they know to be the truth.

Psalms 83:16 states “Fill their faces with shame, that they may seek thy name O Lord!”

What an amazing verse.  What boldness!  “Fill their faces with shame, that they may seek thy face?”  Let me give you the Hebrew here.  The Hebrew word from which we get the English word shame is qâlôn (pronounced kaw-lone) which literally implies “shame, disgrace, dishonor, and ignominy” (see note 1).  This word can be traced back one step back to its root word qâlâh (pronounced kaw-law’) which gives us a much stronger understanding of this passage and justifies my interpretation of this verse (see below).  Qâlâh, the root word is much stronger and hence the King James uses such words as “to disgrace, dishonour, be lightly esteemed, be dishonoured, and be despised!”  (again see note 1).

Thus, what the Hebrew psalmist can actually be saying is “Lord, let your enemies (those that take lightly your wonderful blessings) be so disgraced and despised (reproached, dishonored, etc) that they will mournfully turn back and begin to once again (or perhaps for the first time) seek thy wonderful face!”  Amazing passage from the Old Testament!  And who said there was no grace in the Old!

Let’s now look at the verse right above (verse 15):   We read: “So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm.”

I do not have time to dig deeper for more rich nuggets in the Hebrew right now, but rest assured these verses are a wonderful way to justify your prayers for your unsaved loved ones that you know are in a declined spiritual state – slumber so to speak.  “O Lord, let something happen to them that they might find your mercy and forgiveness before it is too late!”  Let them be so disgraced by those whom they seek to find shelter with that with hopes of your wonderful mercy they turn towards you!

I think of the prodigal son in the New Testament who lost everything and was eating out of the pigs trough (dining with the pigs as I like to call it…lol).  All his light-hearted and worldly friends left him when his resources ran dry, and was thus left to fend for himself without the aide or blessings of his heavenly Father.  He was filled with qâlâh (shame, reproach and dishonor)!  Only then, did his thoughts turn towards home and mercy was knocking on the door!  What a wonderful and such loving Heavenly Father we have who allows us to wind up in as many pig pens as is necessary to gently restore to us the true meaning of life and of finding purpose in God’s magnificent and everlasting Kingdom.  May his grace and mercy be with you and your loved ones today – and dare to ask God to put those you know are currently rejecting him in a pigs pen – only that they may find his mercy and love before it is too late and they are swept away with all that reject God.

May God’s peace and mercy be upon you today – and pray for this blog as I know it is affecting at least one life… mine (and hopefully yours as well)!

Shalom and peace be to you and yours.



1. Taken from the Brown-Driver-Briggs’ Hebrew Definitions Concordance


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