Do You Feel Like A Failure?

24 Jun

Romans 1:1  “Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle…”

These words touched me today as I have felt very low spiritually speaking due to an experience that happened while at work this past week.  I will not go into the details, but basically I missed a golden opportunity to witness to someone due to some emotional stress that happened the day before.  I felt so bad that I let Jesus down that seriously I wanted to die.  Today, I read these words… “Paul, called to be an apostle.”  What does that mean?  It means that we are called to seek our place in our Father’s kingdom and that place and calling is irrevocable.  Every saint and Christian that ever sought to please God has had to endure times of bitter testing and self sacrifice – feelings of disappointment and times of personal failure.  Noah, Moses, David, Elijah (the list goes on and on) all had to face temptations, trials and times of personal testing and moments of weakness in their walk with God.  Not that that is any excuse, but rather it should be a reminder to and for us of the tender mercies of our God.  We are all human and need God desperately and should be eager to learn from our past mistakes and failures.  We are called to do bring glory God the best we can, regardless of our present circumstances and situations.  Paul could have said I am a great apostle, but rather he chose the words I am called to be an apostle.  In other words, there is always room for improvement and looking toward the day when we shall meet our Master face to face.  I may not be perfect in my walk with God right now, but I know I am called to be a blessing wherever God sends me.  This was the attitude of the early church – and this should be our attitude today.

I have much more that I could write but after working all day in the heat I am tired and need to rest.

God bless you and I will promise to post more often – I have been so tired after work these past few weeks but am ashamed and know I am supposed to write more often.   I apologize if this post had little to no impact on you but it did for me.  Thank you for reading and may God bless you  – John


2 Responses to “Do You Feel Like A Failure?”

  1. Chabe January 26, 2014 at 6:35 am #

    I never wanted the whole world and power to myself. I just needed a normal boring life and stop bothering God with hopes and dreams. It feels like a punishment to know God. All that was promised in the bible has been the oppossite in my life. Loneliness, flatbroke, heartbreak, emptiness. The problem is I cannot avoid prayer. Let his will be done.

    • jbutzu September 6, 2014 at 5:53 am #

      First off I am sorry for your troubles. You forget there is a heaven my dear brother where all pain and heartbreak will be washed away. You forget about the beggar Lazarus who saw glory and the rich man who wound up in hell because of his lack of compassion while feasting on the finer things in life. I too have suffered incredible heartbreak, times of loneliness and severe depression, yet know the tender and loving hand of God throughout my struggle, not apart from them. I would encourage you too find this too. Your dreams and hopes are precious to God, perhaps he has something better for you – himself!

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