What is a Scorner?

10 Feb

I was researching this word because of my kid brother who thinks he knows more about God than me… to begin, he is half my age (first mistake)… and yes I do love him, albeit at this time from far away… He jumps in and out of Christianity yet wants to tell me how good Jesus is… Brother, if you know how good God is and brag about everyone one on Sunday and then want to have sex the next with a prostitute how good is God really?  You don’t even love yourself kiddo… Anyway… here is my study on scorners in the Bible… and yes he probably forgot years ago about my website so not to offend my readers… Thanks, John

Scorner: Strongs# 3887 /
Interpret : AHLB# 1271

According to Strong’s dictionary, a scorner (one who scorns God’s most basic teachings) is someone that in the Hebrew makes mouths at.  See… that is why you cannot rely on an English translation alone… what on planet earth does it mean to make mouths at?  Let us continue…

In Hebrew, there are three letters that make up the word scorner… an L, a V, and a TZ, sound… which is pronounced with a pause between the two letters as in the Hebrew word Tsadeik, (Tsaw deek)  almost like an s… (the t is almost silent it happens so fast).  Let us examine each of these letters carefully.

The first letter, the L is the Hebrew letter Lamed.  It means to teach or to learn.

The second letter is the Hebrew letter Vav (from where we get our letter V).  This is an interesting letter in Hebrew.  The letter Vav is shaped like a man whose head is reaching up at heaven… now for the bad news… it can be a sign of pure joy or mockery… for one can easily mock God’s creation.  The letter also means Ray of light and a pillar …of truth!  The opposite if that is a proud stubborn heart that refuses to yield to the teachings of the Torah (or Bible… whichever you prefer).

The third letter is the Hebrew word Tsadik.  It can mean righteous or unrighteous one…

In Hebrew synagogues… you will hear taught that the Lamed (our letter “L”) as representing “the contemplation of the heart.”  (By the way, in case you didn’t know even the shape of the ancient Hebrew letters had great significance).  The Lamed is shaped like a shepherd’s staff (remember, in the Bible times and even today… shepherd’s are considered very important… one in the physical (old) and one in the new (spiritual).  God showed me the mystery of the Bible… it is the sane idea… but that is another lesson… audio commentary coming soon!)…  Anyway, a shepherd’s staff can either guide or protect (thanks to Jeff Benner for all your help!) or be used as an instrument of punishment… thus the reverse in Hebrew (in case you were wondering).  Therefore, it can be used to guide or pull or punish the sheep… interesting, yes?

Going back to our word “scorn”… a scorner is one who makes mouths at (ie. to laugh at) God’s Word.  They know the truth but refuse to act in a way that strips them of all privileges of being one of God’s chosen peoples.  Thus, a scorner is one who understands (teach/ lamed) God’s holy word (Torah), but ultimately with time hardens his heart and rejects it (like Cain) and becomes proud in his or her own imagination.  (Thus the letter V)  He is altogether unrighteous!

The End!


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