Proverbs 1:1-2 Part One

16 Feb

This will be a stretch of the human faculties… but it is only my humble prayer to wet your taste to the vastness of the Hebrew Language.  I trust that at the end we will all be happy with the result…lol  And also, I ready your questions, concerns and/or criticisms… The first verse is easy… the second verse is not!

Here is Proverbs 1:1-2

“The proverbs (1) of Solomon(2), the son of David(3), King of Israel(4)…  (verse one)

To know (yada 5) wisdom (chokmah 6) and instruction;(muwcar 7) to perceive (byin 8) the words (’emer 9) of understanding (biynah 10) … (verse two)

First, lets look at what the words in bold… what do they mean?

Note:  I wish I had access to a good Hebrew font… I apologize my computer is so old that I’m afraid to download any more applications than the ones I absolutely need… Please pray for God’s perfect will to continue in my life so that I can afford the things he has set my heart upon to be able to continue to reach out to people in a very special way.   For now… all I have is English fonts so a Hebrew lesson in English it will be.

Right off the bat your eye should have by now caught (for my advanced readers) the similarity of the two words… perceive and understanding… “byin” and “biynah” (pronounced beee-nah).  If you caught that you are well are on your way!

Now lets digest this wonderful verse piece by piece!

Verse 1

1.  “Proverbs” – (Hebrew word: mishal, pronounced mah-shawl)  This is an interesting word.  Its root word (always go back to the root) means to rule…  Strong’s definition of the word we are studying is that of “superiority in mental action; properly a pithy maxim, usually of a metaphorical nature; hence a simile (as an adage, poem, discourse).  So to rule our thoughts… to be superior to our enemies spiritually speaking my taking God’s word to heart… Also to rule our own hearts correctly… as one aught to do… That is the premise (goal) behind these sacred writings.

2.  “Solomon” –  Solomon’s name in the Bible means peace… from where we get the word shalom… peace be with you…  Jeff Benner has an amazing article on shalom… I will put it in the link below… Also…  it is funny because while Solomon did the right thing and sought God he had peace… but when his heart  was led away by numerous women and song and drink he had trouble… ie wars.  Not what God intended from the beginning… Oh the gift of freewill… how important that we take our lives down here on earth seriously!

3.  “David” – The Hebrew word “David is a very interesting word.  We have the dalet, a vav and then another dalet.  Dalet in rabbinic teachings mean selflessness separated by a vav… a pillar.  King David entire life, (albeit far from perfect) was declared to be one true act of worship or selfless abandonment to the pursuit, ways (halak) and knowledge of the one true God from beginning to end.  The significance of the vav is wonderful too.  This lets us know that in heaven where the vav is pointing, King David is remembered for his selfish devotion to the word of God that was declared to him throughout his life, and his courage to stand by what he knew to be true, even in great times of moral, spiritual and physical testing.  This is our beloved King David in the BIble.

4.  “Israel” –  Another day… it’s lengthy… lol  Thanks Jeff Benner!

End Of Part One…


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  1. ifacedownworship February 24, 2015 at 10:17 pm #

    Very good brother! Writing is really one of your passions.

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