Kingdom word study (Luke 9:1-5)

8 Mar

Another great thought…lol. This man loves God!

The Toy Box Suburban Farm

And He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God… Luke 9:2

“He” is Y’shua/Jesus and “them” is the twelve. Following the resurrection of the daughter of Ja’irus, Y’shua gives power and authority to the twelve. That alone is amazing but they are not given this power and authority the way groupies who surround a famous person have some kind of power or authority just for being close to the famous person. Y’shua has a purpose for giving this power to them. “Proclaim the kingdom of God.”

Kingdom of God: What does that mean? So far Luke has not been clear about what the kingdom of God is, even though he has mentioned it often. Maybe it is my 21st century mind-set that does not fully understand the concept of a kingdom. I tend to get tunnel vision and forget that the Gospel of Luke was not…

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