Satan’s Wife

14 Mar

This is a once very unfortunate Christian Story…

A once Christian who turned aside after Satan to follow her own spiritual destiny once told me in secret that I would win many souls to Jesus Christ.  Many people came to her for salvation, but in the end they relied on their own intellect to clearly see her physical beauty which was given to her by God but in fact hid secretly behind two sins, namely lust and pride.  Not perhaps sexual lust, until many years later when at work she deceived me into seeing this woman naked… this woman of sin… who betrays children by her outward beauty and piety but is inwardly a servant of sin, a witch, liar and a master manipulator of children’s minds by telling them that her property is the only one place where children can find salvation.  She lets them live in sin until they cry out for help… Satan always rewards his best female servants with supernatural beauty… and I can testify to this my brothers… for I have seen her many different animal forms.  She preys upon the youth of the city with intent on breaking up Christian families, especially the children… as she wants each of them for her own glory.  This woman also has a child out of wedlock and has told me on numerous of times that she sees me as being her child… a product of sin.  This is a constant reality that even to this day I still have to endure.  The battle is less now that she is older, but in her old age she has more powers… as she curses me daily as the Hebrews had to endure until David sliced the devil of his generations head off with a sharp two edged sword which for us as Christians is the word of our Lord… held preciously on our lips for all to see and believe.  Now, having clearly been flipped by God (of this she is no longer unaware) she is clearly changed as the spirit has shown me that people’s spiritual tongues since the early church can change.  Instead of being a blessing and reaching out to those who are less fortunate and in dire need,  you can sit in the church all your life and never truly be saved… you can miss the rapture just by hearing the truth and walking away… This woman, who is now the devils creation and masterpiece… (as he is truly a gifted liar) is blatantly cursing this woman’s true form and secret identity throughout all of eternity… Amen and so be it.  Blessed be!  This woman has tried to put a curse on me from day one and now has cursed my daughter for the last time. That is all I want to express to my readers who live in Metro Detroit, but especially to my beautiful daughter Morgaine Elizabeth who is a wonderful and truly gifted young lady and the reason I first got saved from living a life apart from God in the first place.

This woman has cursed me time and time again… the latest of which was only yesterday, this time almost stalling my car on the freeway… believe me… this woman’s prayers (albeit now turned into curses) are still very powerful.  Thankfully, I choose to bless and not to curse back and now my car is just fine.  I even forgive her as the Bible says (not really) for she knows what she is doing.  She now is under a clearly Satanic anointing, and she is deceived into thinking that one day Jesus is coming back for her and only her as the superstar of the Christian world, now that her dearest friend has finally passed away… a pastor who’s name is too Holy to utter in this same blog of this once spirit filled woman of another creation.  People can change and reverse as Satan has special powers for people in the church world and who secretly hide in sheep’s clothing.  Even at her own brother’s funeral which was only recently she was only concerned really with and let me quote “every red penny.”

Once, while living as a nun and Christian missionary, this woman of sin was clearly kicked out of our Church, Bethesda Christian church as the state of Michigan refused to allow this woman to work with any more kids.  The place as been referred to by many in the church world as a cult (as some of her “special” children secretly now refer to this inwardly dark and secret abode of the devil although by day the place looks the same) as she refuses to to secretly submit to God’s power and now hides in a rich sect in the luxury section of the great city of Metro Detroit.  She loves God, but secretly hides onto demons that are not bothered one bit my church music let alone the preaching of the Word of God (as some demons love to gossip)… in fact many in the church are under the impression that this woman is actually still saved.  She secretly has two demons that do manifest at times… as demons are smarter than most pastors and can hide even in our Sunday schools.  The older generation in our society is passing away and many will attend her funeral and mourn for her good deeds of which she has many.  Her brother, which died as a saint will be remembered in heaven for keeping his virginity before all the powers of hell in a sin sick society and was a real brother to me in the Lord.  I was shocked when after his death… the Lord showed me once again the truth about many that I once worked with and dealt with in the business of saving human souls for Jesus Christ the lamb of God and true King and Lord over all of the Father’s creation.


Note:  We as Christians do not mess with the devil or his power as both are under his dominion.  The real enemy Satan is always trying to trick people into thinking that he is equal with God.  God laughs at this and his frequently, if not often, annoyed.  Jesus came back from the dead to prove to his followers who had the sin of pride, jealousy and unbelief that the one they called Lord was master of all religions and was in deed their one true and most blessed Messiah (which means in Hebrew God’s anointed one).  Even her family knows this woman is unsafe as many have poured out their own hearts to me in this secret matter of sin and though she does many terrible as well as charitable deeds the balance hangs in the air for this once beautiful woman of God… who is now so secretly hated by certain members of her family (especially her niece) as many can no longer compare to her physical beauty and who lives (the niece) among the poorest in all the city as has two children born of out wedlock and his so special to Jesus Christ that she is loved completely.  I can remember Autumn when she was yet young and full of positive youthful energy and before her teeth fell out, as the evil woman (Dorothy) would not even care to help her financially while taking expensive vacations with somebody else’s motor home.  She, satan’s new wife is quite literally the queen of the damned as many have fallen into this kind of terrible prophecy.  People do not want this woman around their children, let alone their spiritual children… especially me!

We are living now in the last of days my friends… take care and rest well my beloved…

Signing off,

Your friend in the faithful… and beloved by our Father who is still and always has been God…


Pastor John…

P.S.  I clearly hope this woman has a change of heart but know inside that her sins have mounted to the heaven before the throne of Jesus… a place that I also have great resource and access to…

Take care my beloved!



This post is secretly (or not so secretly) dedicated to my own mother who now and again reads my blog and who has a mild form of the debilitating disease Multiple sclerosis… and who also has suffered so much for her Christian faith and someone I secretly admire… May God bless you!



P.S.S.  A note to my readers… If any of you happen to see in error in the writing please let me know… I was in a hurry and am honestly scared to death to reread this one…

Good bye!


One Response to “Satan’s Wife”

  1. Joelle Pratt January 26, 2016 at 9:25 pm #

    This story reminds me of those movies that are “based on a true story”. They take some of the truth and twist the rest by adding drama while changing names. You should submit this fictional story to Hollywood. You might become the next big screen wrighter.

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