Preparing for the funeral

17 Mar


Grandma Holland Rose… May you forever rest in peace…

John Mark Butzu

You will be sorely missed… Enjoy the sunshine and the love you never had before, but especially with all of your great and precious ancestors… who obviously worship uninhibited and in the presence of the King… may you be blessed forever more with the souls which are rightfully yours… Detroit is once again a safe city because of your efforts to reach out to all those in need… May Jesus bless you for all of time…

With so much love my heart is breaking,

Your son in the faith,

Pastor John Mark Butzu

Thank you for everything… Even the demons must tremble now at the mention of your name… Just like Paul and Peter whom were with Jesus after the resurrection…

May you forever more rest in peace… now that you can finally rest in the presence of the one you hold dear…

Jesus loves you so much!

Amen and so be it!

Blessed Be!


Grandma Rose Holland… My Grandma! May she rest in peace…
All her life she lived as a martyr for her family and for all who needed a safe place to call home in the ghetto… which is really just outside of beautiful downtown detroit… may she forever rest in peace… no one can ever take your true Christian beauty away… brothers this woman suffered more than many in the early Christian movement… she is and always has been my role model… but especially when I was yet still a baby in my new found Christian faith!
She would take anybody in to give them her version of Jesus Christ… a black woman who lived and died in a prison of pain and suffering because of her poor health and lack of charity from others who said they believed… this woman is one of the best examples of Christ I have ever seen… it was her love for her family and friends and discipline when it came to matters in her own house strict (but especially her spirit) that won me over in a heartbeat…for she suffered so much when in this country… everyone was still hating her because of her inner beauty… this woman survived many battles… especially when it came to bringing a white boy into her home… after I too survived a very lengthy prison sentence just for being a fellow believer in Jesus…
It is my prayer that she will welcome me home to her new mansion which Jesus prepaid for her since before the beginning of time… one day in paradise everyone that knew her will be surprised at what her faith and love for her family bought her… it was her freedom to see others clearly that I most admire…
Then, and only then will I no longer be a slave… for I loved this woman as a friend in the Lord… and as always… my best friend spiritually…
May she find her rest amongst all her true Christian friends…


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