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They Can Cut Me All They Like… Grandma Rose Holland

16 Mar

“They can cut me all they like… I’ll never sell my soul to the white man’s devils.”

This is Grandma Rose… the mother in part to a beautiful girl named Brittany whom I secretly admire.

This woman (Grandma Rose) is loved by God for her testimony not only to her family but to me as well and hopefully for everyone that reads this website.  This woman has suffered so much and was admitted only recently to yet another hospital.  She suffers from health issues and pain beyond measure, not only in her body but also in her spirit… for she aches for her children to turn out right.   To be continued

Rest in peace Grandma… you are so missed!  Love always and forever… John

Grandma Rose died on the operating table last night… Good bye my fellow readers… she was the most Godly woman I know and the only Christian left who I admire for she suffered so much for her faith in Jesus… She will be missed by so many… but especially by her son Martin.

Love you guys so much…

Please pray for the Holland family…

And for me her son…


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