Worthy Links



Here is a list of a few of the websites that I personally frequent, hold in high esteem and recommend.

General Biblical Research and Blessings:

Voice of the Martyrs

Times Square Church

Ancient Hebrew Research Center

TLG Demo Site

Internet Archive

Sponsor a child in need:

Compassion International

World Vision

Computer Software:

E-Sword (A great resource for those of us that are poor!)

Bible Works (The absolute best and most powerful (in my opinion) of Bible software ever made.  It specialty is having many great resources at your fingertips for quick look up as well as advanced search features for in depth studies of the Bible it the original languages.  This is my long awaited and much desired (perhaps even coveted) Bible software program.)

Pradis (Although somewhat clumsy and hard to work with (not to mention put out by Zondervan with whom I have not the highest opinion and generally try to avoid)  it was still a better value than purchasing many of the books and commentaries that they offer separately for private study)

Blue Letter Bible (another great resource freely given on the web)

Logos (if one can afford it!) (Personally I use the Libronix software platform with which I run a Thomas Nelson’s Bible and commentary package that I found for 1/5 of the original cost at a local Christian bookstore. (I got it for 20 bucks!))

screenshot 2 BW7

This is a screen shot of Bible Works version 7. In my opinion it is by far the best Software (as of today) for studying the original texts of the Bible!


The secret place ministries: (Beautiful worship music that will inspire and indeed draw you closer to the Lord!)

WSTW: (A Real Messianic Jewish Program [Live stream])

Other Great Blogs:




2 Responses to “Worthy Links”

  1. jbutzu August 21, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    Thank you so much – for now I will just have to trust God that people can at least get the general idea of what I am saying and not be overly critical of the minor (or perhaps at times major) grammatical errors! Thank you!


  1. poslovnisoftware.net - June 1, 2012

    Grammar and Translation Software…

    Work of best writers is checked and proofread by the editors for errors in grammar, spelling further as punctuation. The utilization of correct language is crucial for writing skills. Several grammar checker software programs are out there that may fac…

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